Phen375 & Fat Burners Scams

Fat Burners; Are They Really Worth The Risk?

Fat burners are quite effective in losing excess weight and keeping lean. Sadly, anything that messes up with the body’s functions is bound to have adverse effects on your body. Some of the side effects associated with fat burner pills are either psychological or physical based on the person.

Psychological side effects: The use of fat burners has been associated with anxiety, hot tempers and mood swings in many cases.

Physical side effects: These fat burning pills puts a lot of stress on your body as your body will be operating at higher rates than it is used to. Some of the physical side effects include; indigestion, diarrhea, constipation and they also reduce the ability of the body to digest fats and carbohydrates to a greater extend. They affect the function of other drugs like birth control pills and oestrogen hormones in women.

In addition, some fat burner pills contain Ephedra and hydroxycut which are toxins. Fat burners that contain Ephedra have adverse side effects like high blood pressure, heart palpations or even heart attacks. Hydroxycut based fat burners can cause massive damage to the liver. As the toxin level is high, the individuals have associated problems to it as well.

In the end the best method to lose weight is through proper dieting and exercise. Readily available natural fat burners like green tea, fresh vegetables and fruits will help you burn fat slowly but safely.

What about Phen375?

According to LWGM It doesn’t make sense to lose weight by taking supplement especially when your overweight is mostly result of bad lifestyle. Hence it make sense to lose weight by changing the lifestyle itself.

Yes, products like phen 375 works, see some real results here. However, the results are normally short term. Permanent weight loss can be achieved with permanent lifestyle changes only.

Diet Pills: Factors to Consider Before Requesting Them

Everybody is worried of excess weight due to health effects that accompany. Proper diet and physical activity has worked for some while others have rushed to diet pills. Some have experienced good results after taking the pills while there are many who have not. A number of factors therefore have to be considered before making a decision. This would help choose the best method of attaining and sustaining a desired body mass.

Medication: Certain medications have been known to react aggressively with diet pills. It is therefore advisable to consult a doctor if you are on medication before starting on the pills. Mixing the two may trigger effects such as heart attack and blood sugar complications. It should be noted that not all medications cause bad effects if taken simultaneously with the pills.

Source of the pill: Most over-the-counter diet pills are prone to counterfeit (see FDA warning). Counterfeit drugs have not been tested and proved to be safe and therefore put the user at risk. It is advisable to take prescribed pills to avoid this hazard.

Cost: Diet pills should always be complemented with physical exercise and a good diet. The pills are quite expensive and therefore one should consider this implication before starting. It is always advisable to complete the dosage and proper economic plans should be made to ensure this.


All these factors should be thought out well beforehand so that, even if you are not among the lucky people for whom it works, you shouldn’t end up getting side effects.